Aphotic Theatre Society is a theatre company committed to creating vital and innovative performance with an emphasis on developing new plays written and/or created by women, women of color and queer/QTPOC (Queer, Trans, People of Color). Aphotic Theatre society aims to contribute to a thriving, diverse and critical arts community. Through work that provokes discourse and new perspectives, we advocate for arts’ importance and its relevance in society. Our motto is “be the change you want to see”. What distinguishes our mandate and approach of is the fact that we prioritize who is telling the story. As artistic directors, directors, and playwrights, women in Canada’s professional theatre industry have not yet surpassed the 35% employment marker. This number is much lower when it comes to women of colour. Our vision is not only to change these figures and bring more equity in the theatre scene; but also, to create and produce work that is aesthetically innovative, contextually potent and viscerally intelligent. 

“Aphotic” refers to the zone underwater, where there is no more than 1% of light. In those dark places, almost nothing is visible except what is illuminated by bioluminescence. Our goal is to shine light on those people and stories that are often in the “dark” relative to the collective psyche. At this transformative time in our society, we see it as our responsibility and mandate to include and shine light on important political questions including gender, sexuality and culture to challenge commonly held beliefs. We strive to make the invisible visible by expanding awareness to places previously unexplored and unexamined by mainstream culture.

Core Values

Inclusion, promotion and creation of work by women, women of color and queer/QTPOC artists and prioritizing who is telling the story.
We aim to decolonize and de-tokenize the way we view diversity through our best practices.
We engage with immigrants and refugees and the development of plays based on “outsider” experiences, including stories of the struggle for inclusion, acceptance, and understanding.
We investigate cultural politics in an era of globalization and inclusion of under-represented experiences and identities.