Aphotic Dream

Aphotic Dream was a multidisciplinary piece combining dance, text, lighting, surround audio system and music. Aphotic Dream included a cast of eleven people from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds as well as 4 major collaborators in the areas of lighting, sound and audio design, dramaturgy and directing. The audience were brought into the room by the ushers individually in the dark and were sited in their individual sits on the stage where the action of the play was also taking place. They were surrounded by six channels speakers in their close proximity. All of the music and the audio cues were built from the scratch specifically for the show to accompany the text and the conceptual ideas of the project. The majority of the play was in the dark as the artist’s intention was to enhance sensory responses for the audience. Aphotic Dream consisted of three acts focusing on a political, sexual and social aspect of the lives of three people within the marginalized groups linked by theme of betrayal. Aphotic Dream was a combination of dance and theatre exploring erotic spaces and the interstitial spaces within the realm of human condition.