Unveiled was a narrative composed of story fragments drawn from Iran’s revolutionary political movements of 1936, 1979 and 2009. Our protagonists were two women “caught up in the moment” of these societal upheavals. The focus was on the aftermath for those whom the 1979 revolution did not bring about the societal and political changes they desired, and how the repetition of a second attempted revolution thirty years after the first was a disappointing echo of the same experience.

The play was presented as part of the SummerWorks festival in 2017 and was well received by the Iranian and non-Iranian community. Working through devised and mixed languages is something that Fay Nass has been exploring for the past decade in order to re-contextualize the western norm and aesthetics.


Anita Zanganeh
Sevil B.K
Shirin Mehrgan
Sara Sagai
Jonathan Kim
Daniel Simmons
Sadaf Amini

Directed and Curated by Fay Nass